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About Us

The year was 1978 when Pompeii was established in Texas and since that time we have been providing our customers with the best tasting, highest quality, safest products in the industry. Over the years our product lines have grown from our two core products of Lemon and Lime juices to include Key Lime, Organic Lemon, Organic Lime juices and Grenadine.

In 2014 we created our Pompeii Produce Enhancers seasonings and smoothie mixes designed to promote more sales in Produce. Our dried seasoning blends range from original classics such as Roasted Potato, Veggie Dip to our own Meso Maya brand of traditional Hispanic items from Guacamole, Salsa to El Elote Loco (Crazy Corn).

In addition to our retail Produce items we have a food-service side capable of producing any of those retail products in a variety of food-service sizes. Contact us for any of your retail juice or seasoning needs and don’t forget to ask about our food-service capabilities.

Lemon Juice

Not all lemon juices are the same. Pompeii is made from the best tasting varieties of Argentine lemons harvested from the ancient volcanic ash filled soils in the northwest provinces of Tucuman. Lemons have been growing in this region since being introduced to the province by Spanish and Italian immigrants at the beginning of the twentieth century. When life gives you lemons, say, I’d rather have Pompeii!

Lime Juice

There are two main types of limes you’ll come across, Persian and the Key lime. A Persian lime is often labeled as “lime”, Key limes- on the other hand are smaller and are often referred to as “The Green Diamond”. These two also differ when it comes to taste. Persian limes are more acidic than Key limes, giving them a more tart flavor. Key limes are known for being aromatic and typically sweeter in taste. Try making our Pompeii Key Lime Pie . It’s the best!

Grenadine Syrup

Pompeii grenadine syrup is perfect to drizzle on your grapefruit or wow your friends with attention-grabbing mixed drinks at your special events! Known for its deep red color, and bursting with sweet, pomegranate flavor, Pompeii grenadine is the way to go.

Organic Lemon and Lime

Organic lemon juice has so many positive effects on human health and well-being.  Along with the health benefits, organic lemon juice is sweeter, and the nutritional content remains intact because harvesting takes place once the fruit is ripe.  During processing the zest is removed, and the pulp is squeezed through several screens to extract the juice, which is then pasteurized to prevent contamination.  Citric acid is added to adjust the pH balance and to prevent spoilage.

Why does organic lemon juice have such an impact on your health and well-being?  While the majority of the nutrition in organic lemon juice comes from vitamin C and bioflavonoids, there are studies that suggest the polyphenols present in organic lemon juice may provide additional protection against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Parkinson’s, stroke, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, infection, and inflammation.  Other health benefits of organic lemon juice are detoxification, fights cancer-causing free radicals, strengthens immunity against viruses, improves cardiovascular function, and aids digestion.

Processed the same way, organic lime juice, is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and has its own health benefits. These all help to boost your immunity, reduce the chance of heart disease, prevent kidney stones, aid in iron absorption, and promote healthy skin.

Provide great tasting products with high consumer appeal while constantly improving production standards.